Exploiting transporter proteins for diagnosis and treatment of kidney cancer


Kidney cancer affects more than 300 000 people per year globally, and despite novel treatment modalities, approximately half of the patients succumb to the disease. Transporter proteins play an important role in taking up nutrients into and excreating foreign substances out of cells to sustain cell survival. Akuru is focusing on exploiting the abnormal expression of transporter proteins in kidney cancer for developing novel diagnostic and treatment modalities.

The founders are using a bioinformatics platform for identification of novel surface molecules that can serve as biomarkers for kidney cancer, with particular focus on transporter proteins. Using this platform the founders, as part of their research at Lund University, identified a novel and highly specific biomarker for ccRCC that can be utilized for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The inherent properties of this biomarker offers unique treatment opportunities, based on uptake of cytotoxic substrates and/or radionuclide therapy.


• Develop techniques for early detection.
• Distinguish patients with a metastatic ccRCC from non-metastatic ccRCC.
• Develop techniques for monitoring disease progression.


• Develop new targeted therapies for metastatic ccRCC based on tumor specific transporter proteins.


• Identify and explore tumor specific transporter proteins for diagnosis and treatment.

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Jennifer Hansson

Jennifer Hansson PhD, Lund University, expertise in kidney regeneration and kidney cancer. Founder.
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Håkan Axelson

Chairman of the board. Founder.
Håkan Axelson, professor in tumor biology at Lund University, with over 25 years experience of cancer research. Founder
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Lena Gustavsson

Member of the board. Founder.
Lena Gustavsson, PhD, has more than 15 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry including several senior roles in drug discovery and development projects. Founder.
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Johanna Asklin

Member of the board
Johanna Asklin, PhD. Over 10 years experience in commercial project management and business development. Innovation Manager at LU Innovation with a focus on the commercialization of cancer research.