May 11, 2016
Jennifer Hansson
Jennifer Hansson, PhD i Tumor Biology from Lund University, expertise in kidney regeneration and kidney cancer.
Håkan Axelson
Chairman of the board & co-founder
Håkan Axelson, professor in tumor biology at Lund University, with over 25 years experience of cancer research.
Lena Gustavsson
Member of the board
Lena Gustavsson, PhD, has more than 15 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry including several senior roles in drug discovery and development projects. She brings scientific expertise in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, in particular the drug transporter area.
Johanna Asklin
Business developer
Johanna earned her PhD in immunology and microbiology from Gothenburg University in 2006. She has over 10 years experience in commercial project management and business development, beginning at Intercell AG (now Valneva) in vaccine development and later at the Danish Statens Serum Institut from 2008-2014. She is Innovation Manager at LU Innovation with a focus on the commercialization of cancer research. Johanna is a member of the Board for Akuru Pharma.